12" release: October 27th, 2014 // Digital release: October 27th, 2014

A1. Eyo Olokun
B1. This Language
B2. Your Memories Are Not Invited

"The technology of the burning glass has been known since antiquity. Vases filled with water used to start fires were known in the ancient world, and metaphorical significance was drawn from the fact that the water remained cool even though the light passing through it would set materials on fire."

The Maaskant polychoral style was a type of music of the late modern electronics and early indie eras which involved spatially separate voices singing in alternation. It represented a major stylistic shift from the prevailing polyphonic writing of the early electronic generation, and was one of the major stylistic developments of the 90's which led directly to the formation of what we now know as the pure modern style. A commonly encountered term for the separated analog choirs is cori analogici spezzati - literally, phased choirs.

The A-side, featuring Eyo Olokun, signifies unfathomable deep grooves. That is, the instinct that there is something worth knowing, perhaps more than can ever be learned, especially this bassline that most people spend a lifetime pondering.

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